The Aymara: People Of Bolivia

The Aymara people hold a strong presence in Bolivia, numbering at about two million of a population, which is about twenty percent of Bolivia’s population. My cousin is currently living and interacting on a daily basis with these indigenous people. Since Sabrina has turned away from phones, internet and all other technical devices I have decided to tell her story of the Aymara people for her.

She has traveled a lot over the years visiting and living among many interesting people from all walks of life. She remarked these people, The Aymara especially for many things in comparison to others she has meet along her travels. Many Counties have experienced wars, slavery and natural disasters throughout history and to date but what makes the Aymara people stand out is their strength, willingness to carry on, ability to let of resentment and their unique spiritual personalities. Having survived centuries of enslavement by the Spanish to become the most populous indigenous group in Bolivia today is an achievement on its own, but doing this and not carrying resentment or a grudge towards those who enslaved them is definitely another.

She shared a fond memory from when she first arrived that I captures the essence of these people ‘I can still visualise the men and women that had little to nothing but were happier than any other people I had meet before.  The children were climbing the rocks and laughing. They were so happy that I had visited their tiny community to share with them. The image of this very poor community, so humble and filled with joy and excitement will never leave my mind. Everyone so colourfully dressed sharing everything they own with me’

She explained that The Aymara people are very welcoming they enjoy interacting with others, even if you are not local. You could say they took her under their wing when she first got there and have shown her endless things that she wouldnt have known before. They shared their culture, food and shelter with her, despite their lack of food supplies! This willingness to give to her, a foreigner in their country shocked her, she had never experienced such love from people she had never known. Her description of this indigenous group was as ‘Truly wonderful people’ and I agree.


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