The World Through Different Eyes

Have you often wondered about the world, the children, the families and lives of those who live seas, oceans, and time zones away? maybe not but I have. I believe that there is so much we can learn from those people so far by land and mind. Grasping an understanding of cultures and customs within other countries can give us a whole new look on the world, right?

In Ireland and many other countries, we see ourselves as a ‘developed country(s)’, From my opinion developed country seems to mean we must live accordingly following the norms of our society and forget basic values. We box ourselves of following the leader with our secret rules we must obey. Maybe we should get back to the basics try to look at the world trough different eyes, I’m sure there’s lots we could learn.

There is some really amazing people with all kinds of diverse culture, rituals and bizarre yet interesting customs. I think it is unbelievable the amount of countries that still practice these today and we are simply unaware, myself included. Reading and hearing about such countries will only give you the facts, am I right? So here it is my big plan after college, travel there, live among the people, do it the right way, no expensive hotels with lavish meals with our backup bank accounts on the ready. Lets live the culture and not just visit it!


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