An Idealistic World

Imagine a culture based on values of  Patience, tolerance, and honesty were people always help one another- it’s a hard one, right? Imagine a culture that has no money but also no poverty. A culture were traits of negativity like deceiving one another, vanity, stealing, aggression, and arguments would be virtually unknown. A culture where major crimes simply don’t exist, where everybody is happy. Well believe it or not this culture actually does exist and is named Ladakhis. This ideal little world is set high up in the Himalayas in the northern Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir.

Their climate is very cold, and there are only four months of the year that it is possible to grow crops, life can be challenging but yet they seem content, more than us who claim to have it all. They have no modern technology yet they have everything they need. Life without technology maybe that is our problem we have became to advanced. There is no litter, as everything they produce is used and recycled, and their houses and yards are spotless, (if the rest didn’t surprise you then that had too). They do not use money, with the exception of occasional luxuries that they don’t produce on their own.

The friendly faces and the tolerant, generous manner of the Ladakhi people radiate a sense of unity, plenty and satisfaction.The young respect and learn from and help the old, and there is little differences between the work and privileges of women and men. life in Ladakh involves hard work due to harsh weather and lack of supply’s, but in contrast to this the people enjoy a considerable amount of leisure, with their lengthy and elaborate weddings, funerals and religious celebrations. Their culture is rich and colourful, centring around the beliefs and practices of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism religion, the predominant religion in the surrounding area.

So where has the modern world gone wrong? Why do we harvest such greed, power and resentment, unlike the Ladakhis? Is it because the Ladakhis do not promote the foolish idea that they are entitled to a life in which no one is mean to them? We should get our pens out and take notes from theses guys. Instead of prosecuting and punishing the wrong, teach one another not to get angry when people are mean to us or when bad things happen to us, this is what the Ladakhins are doing and its working!

Here is a short video to give you an insight into wear they live and what they wear!


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